Executive Training - Mind Mapping for Excellence

We travel on the wings of our thoughts. We have maps in our head. People want a brighter future, more rewarding destinations, however, they are not sure how to change the maps that would land them at their desired place in life!

Dr. Manzoor Massey, Ph.D., M.P.H., the President and Founder of Mind Realignment Leadership Training Institute brings to the corporate world a new innovative and refreshing program to reinvent, rejuvenate, rekindle, and renew the secrets of human motivation to achieve personal, professional and corporate goals to have more satisfying lives and more rewarding business in the market place.

Dr. Massey is a dynamic speaker who employs magic, theatrics, roleplays, group discussion, videos and mind mapping strategies to convey his practical and proven methods to take your personal life, professional life and your company to the next level. He has conducted almost 11,000 leadership seminars nationally and internationally. Dr. Massey specializes in helping people create new mind maps for new, rewarding and enjoyable destinations. Here are some of the available seminars.

Mind Mapping for Personal Excellence: In this seminar participants learn that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results will land a person in the land of insanity. Until our individual mind maps change, we will perpetually live in the past and have no brighter future. Dr. Massey teaches how to develop new maps and establish more rewarding relationships with people, places, times and events. He shares four key secrets in achieving whatever you want in life!

Mind Mapping for Professional Excellence: This seminar focuses on developing professional peak performance destinations. Participant learns how to create new mind maps to be the best, do the best, accept only the best, respect only the best and reward only the best. A Boeing 767 will run like a jet no matter how much fuel is poured into its tank. When we improve, everything we touch and everyone we meet rises to a new level.

Mind Mapping to Take the Company to the Next Level: In this seminar, team leaders, supervisors and executives learn how to read the mind maps of their team members, and how to coach them in developing new mind maps that would take the company to the next level. All motivation is internal. Leaders will learn the secrets to help their teams work smarter, not just harder. Their own work will become more enjoyable and rewarding.

Mind Mapping to Deal with Difficult People: At home, work and in the market place, people are our most precious asset, and at the same time, people are our greatest lability. Frustrated with baby-sitting motivation-challenged employees, executives throw perks and privileges at employees, and employ many other gimmicks to move the ship forward, only to find out that such tactics are short lived. This seminar will share ways to deal with motivation-dead employees, prevent staff and executive burnout, and ways to discover what ticks their teams. Executives will learn how to set road signs to measure the success along the journey to achieve corporate goals.

Mind is the engine that drives you towards or away from your desired destination.

To schedule a seminar in the above areas or any other subject matter, call 661-304-1080 or e-mail: mindrealignment@att.net.